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Winning Pitchers Clinic - Registration Open!
      Hello Westwood Baseball Major League...
  SAFETY MEETING APRIL 8th at 7pm Location: TBD (check...
Spring Clinics - Register Now
Snow, potholes, fields, and young arms
With images and stories coming out of Red Sox spring training and...
Bat list for 2015
LLI Approved Bat - Mobile Resource   One of the most frequently...
Mission and Volunteer Oppportunities
Westwood Little League -- Mission and Volunteer Opportunities    Westwood...
Westwood Little League and the Williamsport Tournament
Little League International hosts a tournament of 12 & 11 year...
Westwood Little League and the Positive Coach Alliance
Westwood Little League Supports the Positive Coach Alliance   Positive...
Changes in the Game -- Book for Players 11 and Up
Looking for an instructional book for baseball players ages 11 and...
Winning Pitchers Clinic - Registration Open!




Hello Westwood Baseball Major League and Babe Ruth Players and Parents:


Westwood Baseball is pleased to announce that it will again be offering a series of three pitching clinics at the Winning Pitchers Facility in Framingham.


This is an fantastic opportunity to have your child train with the same coaches and at the same facility as the Westwood Varsity Baseball team pitchers.


The proposed clinics are detailed in the attachment to this E-Mail. We encourage you to read this attachment, which outlines the three clinic format. In addition to the three weekly 1 1/2 hour clinics for each player, there will also be a separate coach's clinic*. This is also a tremendous value, as the total cost of the three weekly clinics will be $75.00.


This is the second year that this advanced pitching clinic has been offered for our Major League and Babe Ruth players. These clinics will also teach proper throwing technique. When coupled with the pitching instruction offered, it will be very beneficial for our players of all experience. It was well attended last year and received very positive reviews. Some points of emphasis in the clinics will include:


Emphasis on teaching 4 important points of a pitch delivery and drills for coaches/player to help learn to improve performance

2nd week becomes a full pitching session

Pitchers warm-up taught the 2nd and 3rd sessions including the important Crossover Symmetry arm/shoulder care program


Don't miss this opportunity to train where the Westwood Varsity Baseball team sends its pitchers.


The dates and time are listed below - the cost is $75.00 per player for all three clinics.


PLAYER CLINICS - Three weekly 1 1/2 hour clinics

Majors: Sunday, March 29th, Saturday, April 4th & Sunday, 12th - 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Babe Ruth: Sunday, March 29th, Saturday, April 4th & Sunday,12th - 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Please sign up through our Website at www.westwoodlittleleague.com


Space is limited, so please do not delay!


*As an added bonus, there will be a separate Coaches Clinic on Sunday, March 22rd from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All Coaches and interested parents are welcome to attend. There is no additional charge for this clinic, but please RSVP to Mitch Katzman at to reserve a spot at the coaches clinic.


Please feel free to contact Player Development Coordinator, Mitch Katzman, if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you there!


by posted 03/23/2015


APRIL 8th at 7pm

Location: TBD (check back for updates)

by posted 03/23/2015
Spring Clinics - Register Now


Westwood Little League announces its Spring baseball clinics to be conducted by the Westwood Varsity Baseball Coaches and Players.  WLL has arranged for a series of three (3) hour long spring clinics -- a fun opportunity for ballplayers to sharpen their pitching and throwing skills while participating in drills and learning good habits.  The clinics will be held at the Westwood High School Gymnasium
This is a Three (3) pack series which will be held on the following dates:
Mornings, Sunday, March 29; Saturday April 4; and Sunday April 12, 2015.
The clinics are divided by grade levels as follows:
Grades 3 & 4  will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 10: a.m.
Grades  5 & 6 will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
The cost is only $25.00 per child which covers all three (3) 60 minute sessions.  You can register on the WLL site at WestwoodLittleLeague.com.  Please contact Mitch Katzman, Player Development Coordinator, for Westwood Little League at katzmanlaw@verizon.net if you have any questions.  Hurry! Register soon as space is limited.
A special clinic T-shirt will be provided to all participating players.


by posted 03/23/2015
Snow, potholes, fields, and young arms

Snow Blanketed Morrison Field 3.9.15

With images and stories coming out of Red Sox spring training and temperatures occasionally cracking 40 degrees, baseball fans young and old cannot help but have hope for the coming season.  

We've all endured an unbelievable amount of snowfall over the past two months.  The snow is the "gift" that keeps on giving with any number of associated consequences from school cancelations, ice dam related leaks, massive potholes, and blown tires to name but a few.

I want to highlight one potential unintended consequence that could emerge this spring that is of great concern to me and should be to all baseball parents and coaches.  With weather likely compressing schedules, we need to keep in mind the arm health of our young players.  There are many players who play on multiple teams each spring between Little League and AAU.  Every year this puts a burden on young arms if not managed closely through communication between parents/players/coaches.

This spring both organizations will look to maintain as normal a schedule as possible in terms of number of games.  This will likely mean more baseball in a more concentrated window of time.  With roster sizes unlikely to expand, this puts more young arms at risk this year than ever before.

If you are a parent of a child playing on multiple teams, you are that child's agent/advocate.  You are their primary protector.  

Unfortunately, too many coaches get wrapped up in winning and losing and lose sight of their role in maintaining your youngsters health.  They'll ask the kid:  "How do you feel?  Can you go today?"

Your kid, being a competitor who doesn't want to let his team down will likely say:  "Yes coach!"

Little League International has mandated rules regarding required rest based on the number of pitches thrown.  We track that information every game.  Unfortunately, that visibility is limited to the Little League team.  Your volunteer Little League coach doesn't have visibility to what your child is doing on any other team they play for.  Only you and your kid will know that which is where communication comes in.

I implore you to keep track of your child's pitch count (as well as innings caught behind the plate where applicable) and communicate with both your Little League coach and any other coach they may play for.  

It would be truly tragic if the unintended consequence of Snow-mageddon was to have an echoing ARM-mageddon that sidelines youngsters due to overuse this spring.

by posted 03/13/2015
Bat list for 2015

LLI Approved Bat - Mobile Resource


One of the most frequently asked questions each year surrounds buying bats.  Little League International has finally come out with a mobile friendly resource for bat shoppers so that you can check the bat from your smart phone right in the store before you buy!

Little League Mobile Bat List 

We will keep this article up on the Westwood Little League site for ease of reference through the entire season.



by posted 11/16/2014
Mission and Volunteer Oppportunities

Westwood Little League -- Mission and Volunteer Opportunities 

Westwood Little League is committed to providing a safe, competitive environment promoting the enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of the  game of baseball.  Our primary focus is on instructing the fundamentals of the game - rules, mechanics, and basic strategy.  We are 100% reliant on parent volunteers to ensure the accomplishment of these goals each season.

Baseball helps instill values of teamwork, sportsmanship, hard work and respect.  WLL seeks to develop coaches who are knowledgeable, positive and  encouraging teachers  of the game.  Through our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance and other means, WLL provides coaches with  resources and strategies for keeping the game fun and competitive, with an emphasis on youth development prioritized over winning/losing.

We encourage community participation and are always seeking new energetic people to join us by giving of their time, talents, and energy to help us continuously improve the Little League experience.  If you would like to get involved,  please contact any of our board members.  Contact information is available  under the CONTACTS tab to the left.  
Thank you to all our current volunteers and all of our generous sponsors.   WLL is able to accomplish is mission only through the dedication and generosity of its volunteers and  sponsors.  Thank you as well to all families participating in the program!

by posted 05/04/2014
Westwood Little League and the Williamsport Tournament

Little League World Series 2013

Little League International hosts a tournament of 12 & 11 year olds each summer to crown a true World Champion.  The tournament culminates in Williamsport, PA with the arrival of 8 International Region champions and 8 U.S. Regional Champions.   

The tournament begins in late June/early July with teams from some 8,000 Little League programs from across the globe  competing  starting with District Level play.    There are 16 Districts in the state of Massachusetts.  Westwood competes in District 11.  Little League International maintains detailed information about the Tournament at this link and WLL maintains a Williamsport link on the left about Westwood's participation.    The tournament provides a terrific opportunity for all involved with Little League including players, coaches and volunteers to demonstrate the core values of the Little League program.


Little League International does not dictate how local leagues should form a "Williamsport team" -- but Little League International does strongly discourage having a process that relies only on a small group of people.   Instead, Little League International encourages local leagues to select a tournament team democratically, with the players themselves involved in the process.   Aware of this strong recommendation from  Little League International, Westwood Little League has acted this year to democratize the process of team selection.   The details of the new process approved by the WLL Board this year are set forth under the Williamsport tab on the left.   The process includes a major role for player input as well as the input of head and assistant coaches.   Please direct any questions or comments about the process to WLL President Rob Gotti.   WLL looks forward to implementing the new, improved  process this year.





by Westwood Little League posted 04/25/2014
Westwood Little League and the Positive Coach Alliance

Westwood Little League Supports the Positive Coach Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit developing “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.

Since its 1998 launch at Stanford University by Founder and CEO Jim Thompson, PCA has impacted more than 5 million youth athletes. PCA reaches youth and high school sport leaders, coaches, athletes, parents, and officials through partnerships with schools and youth sports organizations  nationwide that comprise live workshops, online courses , books , and e-communications, providing free Tips and Tools.

At the center of  PCA’s  work are three models:

  • The Double-Goal Coach®, who strives to win while also pursuing the more-important goal of life lessons through sports;
  • The Second-Goal Parent®, who concentrates on life lessons, while letting coaches and athletes focus on competing; and
  • The Triple-Impact Competitor®, who strives to impact sport on three levels by improving oneself, teammates and the game as a whole.

PCA’s  allies include a National Advisory Board  of top athletes, coaches, academicians and business leaders; prominent national youth sports organizations; and corporations and foundations  that support its  work. 

Westwood Little League provided two PCA led opportunities for parents and coaches in 2013.   In 2014, PCA provided WLL’s board of directors a Leadership Seminar.   All parents and coaches are encouraged to become familiar with PCA principles -- check out the PCA website!

by posted 03/01/2014
Changes in the Game -- Book for Players 11 and Up

Looking for an instructional book for baseball players ages 11 and up looking to add to their knowledge of the game?  Changes in the Game explains the rule changes, field changes, and equipment changes, a player experiences while transitioning from Little League on to play on a regulation size baseball field past age 12.  Written by Pete Henyan, a professional baseball player and coach, the book is specifically targeted for 11-14 year old ballplayers, parents and coaches.  More information including ordering details can be found here
by Westwood Little League posted 05/24/2013