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Summer Ball Options


Westwood Little League offers summer baseball opportunities to players as described below. Games are typically played on weeknights 5:30 or 7:30 pm.  Start times depend on the home team's field availability.  Half of each team's regular season scheduled games will be played in Westwood.


Age Determination

Westwood Little League follow age determination rules adopted by  Little League International.  The chart below will help you determine the appropriate league for your player for the summer.
  • Players born between Sept 1, 2010 and Aug 31, 2011 will be considered a Summer 7.
  • Players born between Sept 1, 2009 and Aug 31, 2010 will be considered a Summer 8.  
  • Players born between Sept 1, 2008 and Aug 31, 2009 will be considered a Summer 9.
  • Players born between Sept 1, 2007 and Aug 31, 2008 will be considered a Summer 10.
  • Players born between Sept 1, 2006 and Aug 31, 2007 will be considered a Summer 11.
  • Players born between 5/1/2005 and 8/31/2006 will be considered a Summer 12.
  • Players born between 5/1/2002 and 4/30/2005 will be eligible for the Babe Ruth Summer Travel Program.
Attendance Expectations
There is an expectation that players who registered will play in their team's games. However, understanding that families sometimes travel in the months of July and August, the Friendship and Suburban League teams operate with the understanding that a player may miss a week of games (usually 2 games) due to a vacation.  Upper Charles and Summer 7's tend to have larger rosters and therefore may be a good fit for those families who travel for multiple weeks during July and/or August resulting in missing more than a couple of games.
Summer 7's
We are not entering 7 year old's into a summer league but depending on Summer 8 registrations, we may have room on the Summer 8 roster to add Summer 7s.
Friendship League (Summer 8's)
This league is run through the cooperative efforts of Foxboro and Braintree Little Leagues.  Numerous towns participate in this travel league.  Umpires are used in this kid pitch league.  Most games are scheduled for Monday - Friday, though an occasional weekend game may be scheduled or needed to make up a rained out game.  There are playoffs for this league and can extend in to early August.
Suburban League
Numerous Metrowest and South Shore towns are represented in this travel league.  Each age group has  an  A and B league.  Teams are created by a selection process described under this tab.  Two games (though sometimes 3) are typically scheduled Monday-Thursday of each week though there are occasional Friday - Sunday games scheduled.  Make up games may also be scheduled for a possible weekend day/night.  In addition to their league play each team is given the  opportunity to compete in at least one weekend baseball tournament.  This may or may not involve overnight travel.
Upper Charles League
Roster sizes tend to be larger as teams are created by combining summer 9's, and 10's together and Summer 11's and 12's together.  The season is completed by early August. Towns in this travel league are typically Westwood, Dover, Holliston, Millis and Milford; though it can vary each year.  This tends to be a less competitive league than the Suburban League.  A child may opt to be considered for this league or the league may be presented as a summer option for a child not selected for the Suburban A or B team in their respective age group.  There are no playoffs.  Summer 9/10's games are played on Mondays and Wednesdays last year while Summer 11/12's year old games were on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Each summer player will receive a uniform including a jersey and hat.  Baseball pants are not included.  The league will make socks available to players requesting -- recent experience show many players preferring their own socks as many players wear longer baseball pants.
If you have any questions regarding any of the leagues mentioned above, or any other aspect of summer baseball, please feel free to contact Westwood Little League's Summer Coordinator whose contact information can be found in the contacts section of this website.